Rebecca’s story: making the offence public

I was walking in a busy street around 5pm, two guys walked passed me one squeezed my bum as he went passed, when I turned around he laughed, I was furious and in complete shock, I didn’t know how to react, I just felt so angry, I looked around and no one had seen it, I felt like I had to do something, so I turned around and shouted at him to fuck off and how dare he, I was shaking with rage, people were around but no one saw what he did, they just saw me shouting at him, no one did anything and just looked embarrassed by it. The perpetrator did however seemed shocked about a retaliation, he stood around looking at me and then walked off with his friend. I only felt able to be safe doing this because he was smaller then me and other people were around, but walking away i thought how it came across to other people who had only seen me shouting at him and i felt embarrassed that maybe they had seen me as some crazy abusive person just attacking him for no reason. I think naming what he did to passers by out loud, bringing the focus onto him would have helped, rather then swearing and addressing only him.