New submission from Krishna

I lived in Brussels for 5 years and it was a city i enjoyed calling home, for the most part. While I haven’t seen the film or followed the controversy, I have experienced unwanted attention and even assault (both sexually motivated) by men of immigrant origin or descent on the streets of Brussels. As you say, this is a particularly unpleasant side to the European capital. Having also seen at first hand how schizophrenic the Brussels’ and Belgian authorities behave towards large sections of their populations (ie the ones who migrate legally or otherwise there and their descendants), I can’t help thinking that this problem of sexual harassment is indicative of a failure of the welcoming’ authorities and ethnic community representatives to find ways for us all to live in harmony together. I deliberately don’t use the word ‘integrate’ because it has negative connotations for those expected to fit themselves between ever-changing goalposts. I genuinely believe that we all need to adapt. But that doesn’t mean that one group should suffer the indiscriminate use of power by another in this case men over women.