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Kirstie’s Story

Guys shouting lesbians! to me while I was on a date. People clearly like to state the obvious. -Submitted to Hollaback! Glasgow at a workshop.

Free taxi

I was 13 at the time. i was leaving the train station so i passed by the taxi rank and one of the drivers in the awaiting taxi whisteld at me. i ignored him at first and assumed that the whilstle was for an older woman but then she shouted “oh no wait come back … Continued

New submission from Krishna

I lived in Brussels for 5 years and it was a city i enjoyed calling home, for the most part. While I haven’t seen the film or followed the controversy, I have experienced unwanted attention and even assault (both sexually motivated) by men of immigrant origin or descent on the streets of Brussels. As you … Continued

Rebecca’s story: making the offence public

I was walking in a busy street around 5pm, two guys walked passed me one squeezed my bum as he went passed, when I turned around he laughed, I was furious and in complete shock, I didn’t know how to react, I just felt so angry, I looked around and no one had seen it, … Continued

Sophie’s story:

I was walking near my house, when i saw a car full of guys pull up beside me. They started to shout comments at me, along the lines of ‘get yer tits oot’. I told them to f***k off, as too many times I have been silenced by my harassers and it is so dis-empowering. … Continued

mini lads.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking along Sauchiehall street when I was approached by a couple of boys who couldn’t have been more than 12. One of them yelled, “pussyyyyyyyy” at me and started making kissy faces. Then he sidled over to me and said, “how much?”. I nearly vomited in my mouth … Continued