How We Campaign

Hollaback! Glasgow is part of an international campaign, but here’s what we’re looking to do on our own streets:

Firstly, we want to get people talking, and provide an online gathering place for everyone in our beloved city who recognizes this as a local as well as an international problem. We’ll provide a Share Your Story page just like the other local Hollaback! sites. Please post your experiences of street harassment, no matter how ‘small’ or common they may seem. The more we share our experiences, the more others will recognize street harassment as a real problem that affects thousands of people in their city going about their daily lives. It is not an abnormality, it’s not a compliment and it’s not something to be brushed off. Let’s complain. Loudly.

The Share Your Story page should also be a great place to vent and find support. We quite like the fact that if a Glaswegian posts about an experience that took place across from “that cone-hatted statue”, they’ll be reaching some people who actually know what that means.

We’ve also been working on the ground with local bars and other venues to raise awareness of harassment in their premises under the Good Night Out campaign. You can read about the campaign here. So far, we’ve run some staff training sessions and distributed posters and have met some very positive and co-operative responses. But there’s still a lot of work to do. If you work for a venue and we haven’t spoken yet, we’d love to hear from you.

We’ll be posting more about our activities soon. Watch this space!